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In the face of a rapidly evolving global health crisis, downtime isn’t an option. You need to ensure business continuity by providing your staff with the tools they need to work remotely. Delaphone provides affordable turnkey solutions that include:

  • Reliable dedicated Internet
  • Cloud based Call Center Software
  • Re-routing of both inbound/outbound office calls to mobile or remote locations
  • Private dedicated Conference Calling

Cloud Telephony Service

Your business needs a cloud telephony solution that delivers flexible features, functions, and value-without any compromise. Whether you are a smaller business, need enterprise scale, or you are somewhere in the middle, Delaphone is able to deliver a cloud telephony service tailored to suit your needs and budget.

With powerful and flexible customizability, our solution places the power to manage your business communication in your hands, without the need to create special infrastructure, to lay communication channels, and to buy expensive equipment. Features include:

  • Call Conferencing – To have collaborative conversations, host multiple people on the same live call.
  • Virtual Numbers – Claim local numbers for your business in 100+ countries — even if your team works a continent away.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Set an automatic voice response or greeting to each call allowing your customers to be connected to appropriate people or offices based on their needs.
  • Route calls to the best resource – Direct calls to the right teammates with skill-based or time-based routing.
  • Business Hours – Route calls based on set customized schedules to your office, mobile devices, voicemail, or even a voice response to let your customers know when to call.
  • Forward-to-Phone – Stay in touch even when your office is out of reach by forwarding calls to your mobile device.

Dedicated Internet Service

Through our partners we are able to offer you and your staff high speed dedicated internet ideal for remote work. Whether for web conferencing, online training, research or emailing large files our satellite internet speeds can meet your needs. In comparison to a shared internet connection or using mobile data, a dedicated internet service provides you with the guaranteed bandwidth, power, speed, scalability and security needed to enable your employees to focus on projects that support your company.

Cloud Call Centre Services

Deploy a comprehensive cloud contact center in as little as 48 hours and your agents can start serving customers immediately all while working safely from home. Agents can be onboarded from anywhere so you can rapidly scale your staff and manage peak call volumes. Keep your business moving forward by equipping your agents with best-in-class tools to work from anywhere, without missing a beat.

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